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Raleigh Road Elementary School implements the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) system.  PBIS is an approach to discipline that creates a safe learning environment for all children.  PBIS is not a program, but a system, based on decades of behavioral and biomedical research.  You will notice the PBIS posters throughout our school.  Our focus is for everyone to “Be Kind, Be Responsible, Be Respectful.”  By using PBIS, we will be moving beyond punishment.  We will teach, monitor, and acknowledge appropriate behaviors before relying on punishment.  The students will receive rewards for positive behavior.  Class, as well as individual rewards, will be handed out to encourage positive behavior.  Together we will continue to create a safe and fun learning environment at Raleigh Road.North Carolina Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Graphic

Reading Rodeo

Cowgirl with a lassoYEE HAH!  We are excited about our “Reading Rodeo” program! It is important that you read with your child every day. At first, you may be reading TO your child. Later in the year, your child should begin reading TO YOU each night. The record will show all the extra reading time that you and your child are doing at home. As students achieve milestones, they are recognized on the Reading Rodeo Round-Up bulletin board at the front entrance of the school. Throughout the year, your child will be rewarded for every 100 books read. List the books read each night and return the folder to school each day.  Please take care of this record all year.

Things to Remember…

  • You and your child should read together.  Your child needs your help to become a better reader.
  • Ask your child questions about the stories that you read.  This helps children understand what they are reading.
  • The parent/guardian must record all information and initial.  When reading a chapter book, one chapter counts as one book.
  • Record books only once.  But have fun reading them many times.
  • Return the Reading Rodeo folder to school every day.  Your child will need the folder to check out books from the media center.

Master Bookworm

The Master Bookworm program runs from January 22- April 30, 2018, for all first graders.  It is designed to encourage students to read books covering 12 different genres in 12 weeks and demonstrate comprehension by passing the Accelerated Reader quiz for each book.

  • All first-grade students will receive a “Read Around the Library” tracking sheet that will be kept on file in the Media Center by class.
  • “Read Around the Library” covers the following genres:  Folk Tale, Sports, Caldecott Award, Foreign Country, Mystery, Biography, Poetry, Fantasy, Chapter Book, History, Realistic Fiction, and Nonfiction Animal.
  • Students will read a book in their reading range that falls into one of the genres and then take an AR quiz.
  • Print out the TOPS report or other proof of passing the quiz (80% accuracy or higher) and the student will bring it to Mrs. Washington in the Media Center.
  • For the Poetry genre, students will read a poetry book and choose one poem to memorize (minimum of eight lines).  When they are ready to recite/perform the poem, they will bring the book to Mrs. Washington so she can follow as they recite.  Please include the title and the author.
  • Students will receive a sticker to cover the genre circle on the tracking sheet.
  • When all 12 genres circles are completed, the student becomes a “Master Bookworm.” A worm going through books with a graduation cap on

Master Bookworms Are Acknowledged as Follows:

  • Master Bookworm names are announced on CNN broadcast.
  • Master Bookworms are able to check out one additional book from the Media Center for the remainder of the year.
  • Master Bookworms are invited to do a book review (Reading Rainbow style) on the CNN broadcast to encourage others to read a particular book.
  • Master Bookworms have their names added to the “Master Bookworm Wall of Fame” outside the Media Center.
  • Master Bookworms receive a Bookworm charm for their PBIS chain.

The Media Center is open for book circulation from 7:30 a.m. to 1:50 p.m.  Students are encouraged to come as often as needed to return and check out books.

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader (AR) program is a computerized reading management program used in both Kindergarten and First Grade.  Raleigh Road uses Accelerated Reader ENTERPRISE which gives our students access to over 100,000 book quizzes and gives you the opportunity to receive emails when your child takes a quiz and connect to your child’s account from anywhere in the world.   The brief description that follows will give you a very basic understanding of the AR program.

How Does the AR Program Work?

1. Students choose their own books and read them at their own pace.

2. Students take a quiz on the computer.  AR’s Reading Practice quizzes help motivate students and monitor increased reading practice. Each test is different and may consist of five, 10 or 20 questions. Each book is assigned a reading level based on difficulty and a point value based on how many words are in the book.

3. The student receives immediate feedback with a score, and any incorrect answers are reviewed. Teachers receive individualized feedback to direct ongoing reading practice.

To Search Quizzes by Title, Author, Reading Level, and Genre go to

To Monitor, Your Student’s AR Success go to Renaissance Home Connect


We invite parents, family members, and friends of Raleigh Road Elementary School to be involved in the fundraising, volunteering, and communications of our school.  We encourage parents to join the PTO and become informed and involved in each child’s educational success and well-being.  “Trotting Toward Success” includes the collaboration of parents, faculty, and staff that are dedicated to making RRES a caring and safe environment that promotes academic growth.

Find us on Facebook!  Search for “Raleigh Road Elementary PTO” to join our group and receive updates.Parent Teacher Organization Logo

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Published by Maria Washington on October 23, 2017
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